COVID-19 DIY home improvement projects

COVID-19 DIY home improvement projects /alt: An assortment of tools arranged on a piece of paper, representing DIY home improvement projects.

Saying that all of us are spending more time at home than ever before would definitely be an understatement. With all of the dangers surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of the planet’s population is forced to spend time in self-isolation, or even quarantine. With that in mind, it’s quite important to find yourself some hobbies and things you can do at home to pass the time – idle hands really are the devil’s workshop! That’s why we’re here with a few DIY home improvement projects that you can do during the coronavirus outbreak.

Freshen Up Your Walls

Let’s be honest – chances are high that your walls could use freshening up. Sure, you may keep a tidy and aesthetically-pleasing household, but from time to time, that pleasing aesthetic could use a shakeup nevertheless. Think about it – if you’re going to spend all of your time at home for the foreseeable future, you should try to make the space as fresh and energetic as possible. Some interior changes will do wonders in that regard, starting with a new coat of paint for your walls!


Firstly, you should pick the new colors. This doesn’t have to be something drastically different from your current palette, especially if you’re not going to paint all of the rooms in your home. Find something that doesn’t clash with the overall aesthetic. Then, get moving boxes completely free of charge and temporarily move all of the stuff out of the room you’ll be painting anew.


Fixing Up Your Fence or Deck

Of course, if you’re living in an apartment, you’re somewhat limited by the variety of DIY home improvement projects you can perform during the pandemic. It won’t amount to much else than changing up your interior. However, if you have an entire house to yourself, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. For instance, you could fix up your deck or fence. After all, the woodworking around your home definitely needs regularly performed maintenance. And sure, that might not have been an optimal thing to do in the colder months, but in springtime, you can spend your quarantine outside.


In fact, even if you’re working remotely, you’ve got all the time in the world – so why not wash your deck, and then sand it? Once that’s done, give it a brand new color so that it’s in tip-top shape come mid-spring. This will not only make your exterior more eye-catching, but you’ll also have the perfect excuse to spend as much time outside as possible at a time when most people are going stir-crazy.


Repaint The Front Door

Paying attention to the look of your front door may not seem intuitive, given the low number of visitors you’re likely receiving these days. Nevertheless, that’s no reason to not give it some snazz while you’ve got a paint bucket handy. If you’ve been staring at a white door for ages, maybe a pop of color is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be doing something nice for yourself, while also providing your neighbors with something eye-pleasing to see as they pass by.



Your sidewalk will get dirty after some time – there’s absolutely no preventing that. And no matter how often you wash it, there’s some grime, mildew, and debris that will remain stuck. But that’s why a pressure wash is just what your siding needs. Chances are, you can easily rent a pressure washer to give your home exterior the most detailed cleaning it’s likely seen in ages.


Tidying Up The Garage

Let’s be honest – if you have a garage, there’s a good chance it’s in disrepair or covered in all kinds of clutter. For most people, this is the place where you chuck most of what you don’t need around the home, but you don’t want to throw out. That’s precisely why this should be on the very top of your quarantine DIY home improvement projects list. Reorganizing your garage won’t cost you a dime, and it will give you a lot more space to work with once you’re done. Not to mention that the place will be far easier on the eyes.


You just need to be firm and realistic about throwing out the stuff you don’t need anymore. Dedicate some time to emptying out the entirety of your garage out into the yard. Then, categorize the items you find within, and think about which ones no longer have a purpose. Sure, some of the broken stuff in there can be fixed, and useless things can be donated. But all of that will have to wait due to the limited movement you’re dealing with these days. Instead, separate all of the things you’re certain you want to throw out – and do so right away. Put an end to hoarding around your home once and for all!


Necessary Fixes And Updates

Once you start looking around your home for DIY home improvement projects, the good news is – you’re bound to find quite a lot of stuff to do. There are always broken drawer pulls and run-down knobs that should have been replaced a while ago, as well as plenty of other things all of us put off doing. Well, now you’ve truly got no excuse, nor should you look for one; this is the perfect time to give your home the fixing-up it deserves.


Of course, this will likely require going out to a hardware store and picking up some necessary DIY supplies, unless you’re someone who routinely stocks up on that stuff. Don’t worry, though – even in lockdown states, most towns have open hardware stores because they’re viewed as essential businesses. If you really need to go out and buy something, finding a place shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure you keep the required distance from other people and follow all of the other safety precautions being implemented throughout the country and around the world.

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